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My service

I will come to your school, institution or event and work with the pupils needs & questions. We will tailor the students experience to their needs. We can work on strategical concept that consistently are being used at the top level of play. I can talk to them about the current competitive Leauge of Legends enviourment, how to get into the proffesional scene and my tips & trick for making their entrance onto the scene. I can hold coaching sessions reviewing their gameplay and helping them with thought patterns and forming positive habits in game. Overall work on and help the students with anything gameplay related or topics that are Leauge of Legends specific . Which is what the current obtainable competence on the market can’t supply you with.

Why i started

After being in contact with several teenagers in Sweden studying E-sports at their high-schools. I realised the competence surrounding League of Legends wasn’t accessible for the schools. Atleast in terms of gameplay coaching or people knowledgeable about the game and it’s competitive scene. This left me feeling compassion for the schools and their students. I want to help the schools give their pupils a better experience and offer them the quality help that’s not accessible on the market at the moment. 


I have experience working with the best of the best in Europe in the Leauge of Legends compedetive scene, and with organisations in the highest divisions of European Regional Leauges. I’m almost working every week all year with clients in the students age group.
Additionally i have experience in the swedish school system working as a teacher for a period of almost a year and still helping out my local high-school sometimes when they are in need of extra assistance.


I’m also offering remote coaching and guidance in situations where i deem it fitting for the occasion. If i don’t think the quality of my service would be damaged in the situation at hand.

I charge an hourly rate of 500kr per hour via invoice, excluding travel expenses and other fees. With a minimum charge of 1000kr plus a preparation fee of 400kr when i need to prepare presentations or lectures.

Travel expenses are covered by the customer.

The spread of my service ranges throughout the whole world. But I operate this service mainly in Sweden where im based in Skövde, Västragötaland. 

Yes, as long as the tournaments are not Riot Games affiliated. In those situations we would have to look into the specific situations if i’m allowed to or not due to contract obligations.

Travel expenses are covered by the customer. Any additional costs that could come with the visit is covered by the customer. For longer stays for example hotel nights or other accommodation.

My expertise is in Leauge of Legends. But if you are intrested in hiring me for a different type of consultation please message me about it and we can talk more about the specific case at hand.

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